Perio Chip

What is PerioChip?

PerioChip is a second line treatment in the care and maintenance of Periodontal Disease. It comes in the form of an innovative, easy to insert biodegradable chip containing 2.5 mg of chlorhexidine digluconate – an ideal non-antibiotic adjunct treatment to reduce pocket depth in adults with periodontitis – which is released slowly over a period of 7 days.

A high local concentration of chlorhexidine eliminates 99.9%. of bacteria in the pocket and suppresses the early recovery of the periodontal pathogenic biofilm for up to 11 weeks.

PerioChip should be used as part of a medium to long term periodontal treatment plan.

Why PerioChip?

Offering PerioChip to our patients as a second line treatment in the care and maintenance of Periodontal Disease allows us to offer choice to our patients, whilst reducing risk and helps to reduce the health risks associated with Periodontal Disease for our patients.

RSD can reduce gingival inflammation and most visible signs of infection. PerioChip is an ideal adjunct therapy kill bacterial flora at the base of a periodontal pocket and suppress its regrowth for 11 weeks.

How is it applied?

The placement of PerioChip is simple, fast, requires no additional local anaesthesia and can be carried out by trained dental clinic personnel. The insertion and use of PerioChip does not disrupt a patient’s daily routine.