Veneers are a cosmetic covering for your teeth – like a false nail they improve the appearance of teeth giving a “perfect” but natural result.

Crowns, Bridges and Onlays

  • Crowns are made in the lab and act as a covering for the tooth.
  • A Bridge is an alternative option of filling the space of a missing tooth. They are fixed in the mouth to another tooth and are wonderful if you have one or two spaces to fill.
  • An Onlay is a bespoke product made in the lab that is much stronger than a filling. They are great when holes become too big to put conventional fillings in. The onlay acts as a covering on the tooth which is much better for teeth than a crown- plus Onlays look just like your own teeth so no one would ever know!


Dentures are a great way to fill the spaces left by missing teeth, they are removable and very discrete.

We offer conventional metal and acrylic dentures, however we have recently introduced ‘DuraFlex’.

Why should you ask for a myerson DuraFlex?

  • Natural Looking – blends with your smile.
  • Comfortable – lightweight and flexible.
  • Reliable – is virtually unbreakable, providing years of service.

Some background. I am having an implant to replace one of my front teeth. Because of the healing process after the extraction and after the implant is fitted I need a denture to mask what is a very obvious gap for @ 5 months.

I delayed going ahead with the implant because of work pressures (my crown had been cemented back on a temporary basis) but also – if I am honest – because the idea of wearing a denture was something I couldn’t quite get my head around. However there came a crunch point when I needed to go ahead with the implant and felt reassured when I was told the denture would be small and would use my existing teeth to hold it in place.

I can confirm that it is tiny, hardly any bigger than my previous crown. It slots into place within a matter of seconds and is equally easy to remove. It’s very secure, almost rock-solid. The match with my existing teeth is perfect and you would have no idea I have a front tooth missing.

Everyone will probably wear something like this differently. I have no issue not wearing it when I am with family or close friends. I do a lot of travelling, which is a fairly solitary business, so – again – I don’t usually wear it. But when I am in meetings etc. at work then I pop it in and forget about it. In some ways it’s become like my iPhone, it goes with me everywhere.

In terms of maintenance a quick swish under a warm tap keeps it clean after meals. And it needs dropping into a glass of warm water and a cleaning tablet every day. But this is all simple stuff and only takes a few minutes.

In summary, it’s ideal for what I need. For anyone thinking about getting something similar don’t hesitate. If you wear it sporadically like myself, or if you want to wear it virtually the whole time, it’s a great solution.

Mr P.

White Fillings

Fillings here at Lawton Dental Care can be silver or white. Dr Stretton is very keen on cosmetic dentistry.  Why not see if you can spot the fillings!