Some testimonials from our clients…

Aliya and the team always give me and my family fantastic treatment to a very high standard. Thank you!


All of the staff are exceptionally kind and caring in delivering a very high standard of dentistry. Nothing is too much trouble and I am very happy with the work which has been undertaken.


Excellent, first dental appointment that was explained, made to feel comfortable and relax, overall wonderful.


Treatment and service is excellent. Staff are very helpful.


Very quick and painless, professional and friendly throughout. Highly recommended.


Great, friendly team. Would highly recommend.


I feel absolutely confident with all the excellent care I receive from whole team. My appointments are always enjoyable.


I have had a great care from Aliya, thoughtfulness and help. Also she does an excellent job. The receptionists are great too


I have been a patient of Aliya since 2010, very happy with all treatments over the years. Best dentist, kindest, lovely people who put the most nervous patient at ease. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!


Very friendly and professional. Feel at ease as soon as I walk through the door. Feel totally in very safe hands.


Superb care! I wish I had come here years ago, my teeth are better now than they have been for years.


Excellent treatment by professional and very friendly staff, making me feel at ease


I’m absolutely delighted with my “Quick Straight Teeth”. The whole process was explained at every stage. I was given reassurance at times when I needed it. Very happy customer. Doing a lot more of this 🙂


Always very satisfied with the level of service I receive. All staff are very helpful and welcoming. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!


Having moved to the Lawton Dental Practice two years ago, I was shocked to realise that my previous Dentist had been quite remiss with my dental care. Lawton Dental helped me to understand the gum disease issues I was experiencing and explain how to start to put it right. With a little bit of commitment and a good dental routine I quickly began to see improvements. Having persevered with some simple morning and evening routines I have now change the course of gum disease that I was sadly and quickly deteriorating into. I have been so delighted with the care I have received at Lawton Dental, as without the expert help and advice I am not sure how long I would have been able to keep my own teeth. For a 45-year-old this would obviously be very detrimental to my oral and physical well-being. Thank you Lawton Dental Care

Mrs H.

Always a very good service and treatment and very friendly.


Had fabulous service from the whole team who are always very friendly, considerate and professional. Arrived as a new patient with a few problems which have been sorted out for me. Very happy patient!


I was recommended disclosing tablets after struggling to keep the build up between my teeth clear in between visits. I couldn’t believe how effective it was. I had no idea it would be so helpful. Now I can see where I’m missing and I am keeping it at bay.


Excellent level of treatment with superb level of communication and discussion of options available. Very highly recommended.


I have recently completed a rather complicated and challenging course of treatment at Lawton Dental Care and can confirm with no hesitation that the team are very professional and caring and yet, at times, hilariously funny (as the photo siuggests). In my mind a visit to the dentist is nothing to be feared. I can recommend Lawton Dental Care to anyone.

Couldn’t recommend highly enough. They are fab with me (being a nervous patient when I first went to them) and my little boy. They do a great job and are very thorough and professional.
I am very happy to recommend Aliya Stretton. She has been my dentist for a number of years. I had a ‘Quick Straight Teeth’ treatment here and am pleased with the results.
I’m 54 and I’ve had a few dentists in my life. Aliya and the team are quite easily the best dental practice I’ve ever been treated by. My teeth are in the best shape they’ve ever been in, in my adult life. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
By far the best dental practice around. The whole team will do anything they can to help, and the service is outstanding. Thanks

You have turned my nightmare into a dream!


I have always been frightened of the Dentist, but the Dentist I go to now is wonderful. She’s named Aliya at Alsager and anyone frightened must pay Aliya a visit.


My experience at Lawton Dental Practice has been 100% positive. From the communication and organisation in arranging and changing appointment dates when required, to welcoming professionals while in the clinic. The treatment I received was of outstanding quality. My health and well-being were paramount in deciding the course of action to take.

Every stage was discussed and explained (and demonstrated with photos) as we progressed through the treatment. I would definitely recommend Lawton Dental Care to anyone wanting good quality dental treatment.


I tried the Isolite System today for the first time. I am very anxious and whilst this procedure was unusual at first, I soon realised how much more effective the treatment was during my visit. If you are anxious about visiting the dentist once you get used to the idea of the system it really is much better and whilst I will never be totally relaxed at the dentist this system helped me. Try it for yourself, It worked for me.

Christopher“Isolite System”

I write in praise of the Isolite System used by Dr Stretton at the Lawton Dental Practice.

It fits inside your mouth during procedures, giving, in my opinion, 3 significant benefits for the patient

  1. It comfortably holds your mouth open and gives your jaws something to rest against
  2. It keeps your tongue out of the way (personally I find it impossible to control my tongue)
  3. It suctions away all water and saliva, removing the need for a separate tube, and stopping that slight gagging feeling when water collects at the bottom of your throat.

It can feel a little awkward while being put in position but don’t be put off because the benefits more than make up for the few seconds that this takes.

Debbie“Isolite System”

I just wanted to say thank you for my ‘six month smile’. I knew with your enthusiasm towards your work I would get the end result I had hoped for and I have! I am so pleased we did it.

Thank you.


Have just been to the Dentist for a filling. She has this wonderful new piece of equipment called Isolite, which fits inside your mouth and keeps your tongue away from where you have your fillings. It also prevents the need for a suction tube to be used. All in all it is a great piece of kit. But you must try it yourself to appreciate the benefits to yourself as well as experience at the Dentist.

Alan“Isolite System”

As I grew older and my wisdom teeth erupted, my front teeth became increasingly crooked which left me feeling self conscious when I smiled and also affected my bite, particularly with fruits such as apples. Several years ago, I asked the advice of an orthodontist and was told that to straighten my smile would require the removal of several healthy teeth and a permanent brace for two years. I didn’t feel that this was a wise option – I wanted to keep as many teeth as possible. I was delighted therefore, when I discussed the issue with Dr Aliya Stretton of Lawton Dental Care. Yes, if we concentrated on the front six teeth she could do something about my crooked mouth, no I didn’t need to have any teeth extracted and yes, they would be straightened in approximately six months. I was amazed and decided to give it a go. The procedure was very straightforward with the most uncomfortable part for me being when the molds were taken. Other than that, the six months flew by – I do a lot of presentations with work and at first felt a little awkward but I soon adjusted and received a lot of good – humored support. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Stretton and the procedure, it makes a huge difference when you can smile with confidence


The Isolite procedure which involved the use of mouth inserts completely relaxed my mouth and tongue and kept my mouth dry preventing the urge to swallow. This enable the dental work to be undertaken in a way that assisted us both in undertaking the treatment and I would certainly have no hesitation in having the procedure again, in fact I would request it.

David“Isolite System”

I have been for a treatment today and Dr Stretton has used the new Isolite tool on me. I have found the treatment with this so much better as I am a nervous patient and can struggle at times. The new Isolite is FAB! It is very comfortable in the mouth and you don’t feel like you are going to choke when they are using water as it sucks it away. I would highly recommend this if you are nervous about treatments. I will be asking for this again!

Lisa“Isolite System”

I completed my Six Month Smile treatment in September – and I haven’t stopped smiling since!

I’d never really been happy with my teeth – especially after having undergone extensive dental treatment as a child, only to end up as an adult with teeth that were still crooked and crossed over at the front. However I was never really motivated to do anything about it, as I didn’t think I would be able to face up to the “torture” of 2 years’ worth of metal train tracks.

When I found out I could get the cosmetic result I wanted – not only in an unobtrusive way but also in such a short space of time, I couldn’t wait to give it a try! The six months simply flew by! Most of my friends and colleagues didn’t even notice I was wearing braces – they were discrete, non-invasive and the only real challenge I found was having to abstain from any highly coloured foods to avoid staining!

I cannot recommend or thank Lawton Dental highly enough for the quality of service, personal care throughout the whole treatment period and of course the fantastic end result! It was so nice to see how all the staff shared the excitement at my progress and my delight when the wires came off and I saw my new smile for the first time!

I followed up with a course of whitening treatment just to complete the picture – and now everywhere I go I get compliments on my teeth! Rather than hiding my teeth when posing for photos I’m now grinning like a Cheshire Cat!

Six month smiles has made a real difference for me – and I still get a pleasant surprise every time I look in the mirror and see the new teeth smiling back at me. It’s more than worth it!!!


I recently experienced the Isolite System and I was very impressed. Being a complete coward about going to the Dentist, I found the treatment very helpful! The Dentist explained how it worked and I was very comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment.

Susan“Isolite System”

I want to thank you for giving me the confidence to go to the Dentist again. I have always been afraid of the Dentist,  I am at the age where I remember school dentists either pulled out or filled your teeth.
I was asked to leave my other Dentist as I was nervous for them to treat. So I looked around and found Lawton Dental Practice. They were, and continue to be, very patient with me and never rush me into doing anything I am not ready for.


I have always found Dr Stretton to have been an excellent and caring dental practitioner since her arrival in Alsager


I am only too pleased to write a testimonial letter as I have been very happy with all the treatments I have received at your practice. I have recently undergone a root canal procedure and although a fairly lengthy process Dr Stretton put me totally at ease and was thrilled with the results. Fantastic service and I will continue to recommend this practice to my friends.