Happy Air Sedation

Our friendly team understand that the dental surgery is not everyone’s favourite place. Every day we treat many anxious/phobic patients.

That’s why we offer a service called happy air sedation which provides anxiety management for patients who find dental appointments difficult to cope with. Happy Air Sedation is a very safe way of relaxing anxious patients enabling them to accept dental treatment with a minimum of stress.

It is extremely useful for those with a strong retch reflexes as it relaxes the airways.  During the treatment you can feel relaxed, floating, slightly drowsy but not asleep, slightly warm, tingling in the feet or hands.

The technique uses a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen (similar to the ‘entanox’ women have during childbirth) and is administrated via a nose piece. It is used to treat both children and adults.

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After many years of being a self confessed complete dental phobic I discovered Lawton Dental Practice. Aliya was very accommodating and understanding about my concerns. When I felt confident enough to begin treatment she suggested that I try Inhalation Sedation. I haven’t looked back since, it has completely changed my outlook on having dental work done, and whilst some of the anxieties remain I am no longer afraid to visit the dentist, I could not recommend the service enough!