Dear Patients,

We wish you all the very best at what is obviously a difficult and worrying time for us all.

Whilst we all want to protect ourselves, please be fully reassured that we continue to protect all our valued customers with the very best standards of hygiene:

For example, we have always disinfected the door handles of the surgery, as each patient leaves. We also routinely wear barrier masks, visors and gloves which are changed certainly for each patient but sometimes several times within each appointment. All our instruments are either disposable or autoclaved at extremely high temperatures to sterilise them for your complete safety.

As an extremely small practice, you may not even see another customer when you visit but have the facility of a second seating area, if someone else should be waiting.
Unless, you are ill or particularly vulnerable, we would kindly ask you to consider carefully, whether you need to cancel your appointment with us.

We obviously want to continue be available to all our valued clients, if you should need us for toothache or a dental emergency.

However, as a small business, we are going to struggle to remain open if everyone cancels their routine appointments…

Thank you and all our best wishes to you all,

The team at Lawton Dental Care