Isolite System

isolite alsager lawton dental care

Lawton Dental Care are proud to present, the brand new cutting edge technology that is Isolite!

We implemented the Isolite System in our practice to improve the dental experience for our patients and for us, by making dental isolation easy.

It increases office efficiencies by shortening chair time, as well as in patient outcomes and procedural safety. It protects all of your soft tissues in the mouth and because it has a built in suction it stops you feeling like you have a lot of water/saliva in your mouth.

Isolite is brilliant for patients who are starting courses of treatment as it keeps your mouth nice and dry and gives you something to bite on to keep your mouth open without getting tired when the dentist is working.

It is brand new technology that will revolutionise your experience! It will also cut down treatment time so you wont have to spend as long in the dentists chair.

We are proud to have this amazing equipment installed in our surgery.

alsager isolite lawton dental care

I tried the Isolite System today for the first time. I am very anxious and whilst this procedure was unusual at first, I soon realised how much more effective the treatment was during my visit. If you are anxious about visiting the dentist once you get used to the idea of the system it really is much better and whilst I will never be totally relaxed at the dentist this system helped me. Try it for yourself, It worked for me.

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