Patient Satisfaction Survey results 2018/19

We want to provide our patients with the very best service that meets their needs.

This is the result of our 2018/2019 patient satisfaction survey audit.


I feel welcome at the practice:

19/20 patients answered CONFIDENT

1/20 patient answered QUITE CONFIDENT


The practice always looks clean and hygienic:

20/20 patients answered CONFIDENT


The dental team are friendly and make me feel at ease:

20/20 patients answered CONFIDENT


Treatment options are explained clearly, and I understand: what I have consented to

20/20 patients answered CONFIDENT


The cost of my treatment is explained:

19/20 patients answered CONFIDENT

1/20 patient answered QUITE CONFIDENT


I understand what I am asked to do at home to look after my oral health:

20/20 patients answered CONFIDENT


What do you find best about the practice?


“The service and the professionalism of the staff”

“The amazing, friendly staff. Really put me at ease J Thanks!”

“Friendly team, children happy to be here too. Perfect!”

“Lovely, friendly staff. Aliya is fantastic”

“Friendly staff and always do their best to make me feel at ease”

“Staff are lovely, welcoming and friendly, always feel very comfortable here! Well looked after”

“Very well organised and tidy which provide confidence that will get best treatment” 


What could be improved?


“Would be good if they offered discounts for students aged 18+”

“Online booking and management of appointments?”


How likely are you to recommend our dental practice to friends and family?

19/20 patients answered EXTREMELY LIKELY

1/20 patient answered LIKELY


A big thank you to all our patient for their very helpful feedback.