Christmas 2016 modify hours.

Reception will be closed from 24th December 2016 to 2nd January 2017.

We reopen on Tuesday, 3rd January 2017 at 9 am.

If you have an urgent dental problem read carefully to the following message.

On Weekends and bank holidays including Christmas day, boxing day and New year’s day, NHS England provides emergency services for all patients.

So if you are experiencing severe pain not controlled by regular pain relief, uncontrolled bleeding, large swelling, dental trauma, or any other condition that is causing you to feel acutely unwell please call their dental help line on  0161 476 9651 for assistance or advice.

For patients currently registered with this practice only,  advice can be gained on Wednesday 29th December, Thursday 30th December and Friday 31st December  by calling the practice on 01270 876 026 and listen carefully to the recorded message for instructions.

For all other patients not experiencing any of these conditions, you are advised to contact the practice again when the surgery reopens.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!