Top Tips for Looking After your Children’s Teeth

You should begin brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as the first tooth appears. Use a baby toothbrush with soft bristles, combined with suitable toothpaste containing the right amount of fluoride, it is important you use Adult toothpaste straight away as the most important thing is the fluoride; this is used in toothpaste to strengthen teeth and prevent holes. You should use toothpaste that says ‘1450ppm’ on the back of the tube – this relates to the amount of fluoride in the paste.

Once you have established a good tooth brushing routine at home, the next step is the first trip to the dentist. All baby teeth are usually present by the age of three, and by this time your child should now start seeing us regularly to make sure that potential problems are identified before they develop. Visiting us from a young age will also help your child to establish a positive relationship with all of us and get used to the practice environment.

It’s also important to continue using adult toothpaste with your child and supervise brushing until at least the age of six or seven, or until you feel your child is doing it properly. Children between the ages of three and six should use a pea-sized blob of fluoride toothpaste.

You can ensure your child receives the best start in oral healthcare by visiting us regularly. Call us today to book your child’s regular appointment.